Visit Mrs. D's Diigo Group - Engaging Digital Natives - to review some excellent Web 2.0 interactive services.

Here are some of her favorites

If you want to see what Mrs. D presented at the conference, you can scroll down to the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Exposition and Conference 2007 materials posted on her professional //wiki//.

Class Podcast Segment Directions

Using Audacity (audio editor) - for podcasts and digital stories/documentaries

Perfect the Audio Levels of Your Digital Recordings

Copyright safe music for your podcasts (with proper attribution in the body of your podcast)

Be sure that you are always giving credit to the works of others in your podcasts. Check the copyright status of all audio files you use in your podcasts. Rule of thumb - when in doubt, don't use it.


Copyright Information and Fair Use Guidelines

Windows Movie Maker (free digital video editing program - review the system requirements before you install)

Microsoft PhotoStory

For more online resources for digital video editing, review the information included in the document below. (This document includes links for audio files, image files, video editors, and audio editors.

Online tools for creating podcasts and digital stories

Online tools for contributing to blogs and wikis

Citation Resources

$25,000 in Prizes . . . C-SPAN Student Cam Video Documentary Competition for Middle and High School Students