Final City Assessment

Use the research links below for the Information Organizer, Most Important Buildings, and Virtual Tour portions of the city assessment.

City Building Research Format

Goal: The goal of this activity is for you to gather a list of online resources that help to explain why your building is significant to cities at the turn of the century and symbolic of the major changes occurring in American society, business, and politics during the Second Industrial Revolution (a.k.a. Gilded Age.) These research lists will be accessed by all students when they are completing the final city assessment.

  • You and your group members should search online and find research sources.
  • Check the library's server folder (Tean Nine>Social Studies>Dorman>City Building Research Lists) to see if your group already has a Word Doc for the building research list -- if it doesn't . . .You should download the Building Research List to your computer and save it as your building name (e.g. Tenement1, Steel Plant, or Skyscraper3)
  • As you find good resources, you should add information to your Building Research List.
  • At the end of class, your should save your work so that it can be uploaded to this wiki page.

Building Research Lists

Baseball Stadium


Suspension Bridge



Department Store1

Public School1

Meat Packing Plant

Steel Plant

Triangle Shirtwaist Sweatshop

Public Library

Victorian Home1

Victorian Home2

Football Stadium


Carnegie Museum


Boxing Arena


Sears Department Store

Macy’s Department Store

Newspaper Company

Vaudeville Theater

Public School2

Macy’s Day Parade


Settlement House

Ellis Island

Open Air Market

City Hall